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First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

- Epictetus


I've always liked this quote. I'm driven, in all aspects of my life, and this is both my biggest strength and my grandest flaw. The sense of accomplishment that comes with building a dream, one day at a time, completing task by task, gathering skill by skill, for me is a thrill. But there must be balance.

Balance is the theme of 2013 and so the pendulum must swing in the opposite direction before finding middle ground. The past three months I have been practicing the art of being. Sounds easy and maybe it is for some of you. I, on the other hand, am amazing at the art of doing and so just being can pose a challenge.

It's time to slow down and breathe for this moment is perfect. I am grateful.


Everyone is fighting their own battle.

To be free from the past.

To live in their present.

And to create their future.

So have heart.