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… And I’m back where I started.

I left the Kootenays in April with itchy feet and a busy head. I spent the Spring in Central America, playing music and exploring the cities, beaches, jungles, lakes, volcanoes, ruins and markets. Such colours, textures, sounds and smells. The world is so big and so small at the same time. I'm humbled once again.

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua


Photo by Caroline Yung

Cafe Desideri, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Photography by Caroline Yung

Antigua, Guatemala


So now I’ve returned back to my base between the Valhalla and Kokanee ranges with a soul still restless. I don’t think any amount of travelling could quiet my gypsy mind which begins to roam the moment my body sits still. But it does excite me to know that being back in BC, a summertime paradise, is the next part of my wacky journey this year.

I’ve arrived in the Slocan Valley at the time of year when everything sparkles. There are more shades of green than the human eye can understand. The lakes and river ways, crystalline and full of trout, course through the valleys and ranges bringing everything to life. Wildflowers dance in the breeze, hummingbirds hover impossibly from blossom to blossom, deer peek from cedar groves and the beaver works to repair its dam washed out in the spring floods. My words can’t express the extent of the beauty in this place.

The rest of the Summer looks to be full of music and magic (as well as things like chopping fire wood, repairing water lines and maintaining gardens). Oooh life! I hope each and every one of you is enjoying it!

Slocan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

'On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty. Today is such a day.'- Rumi


March was the most musical month so far this year. I've played some great Kootenay venues for some beautiful mountain audiences. My favourite event, by far, was last Friday (29th March) at Sleep is for Sissies in Winlaw, BC. Rob Hay, Mel Schwarz, Pete Corbett and I played to a packed house of smiling, supportive and participating folk. As a singer-songwriter, there is nothing more rewarding than an audience who appreciates original music. Thank you! 

So upcoming ... well, I'm taking the next three months to compose and travel in Central America. I intend to record a new album with a local producer in the Slocan Valley when I return. So, I'll be taking a small hiatus from performing but am so excited to get back to Canada refreshed and inspired. 

Please stay tuned for 2013 performance/festival dates. 


Spring days, jamming with Mello on cello in my living room ......


Our friends, Aaron, Marya and 8-month-old Solace, opening for us at Sleep is for Sissies in Winlaw, BC.



First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

- Epictetus


I've always liked this quote. I'm driven, in all aspects of my life, and this is both my biggest strength and my grandest flaw. The sense of accomplishment that comes with building a dream, one day at a time, completing task by task, gathering skill by skill, for me is a thrill. But there must be balance.

Balance is the theme of 2013 and so the pendulum must swing in the opposite direction before finding middle ground. The past three months I have been practicing the art of being. Sounds easy and maybe it is for some of you. I, on the other hand, am amazing at the art of doing and so just being can pose a challenge.

It's time to slow down and breathe for this moment is perfect. I am grateful.


Everyone is fighting their own battle.

To be free from the past.

To live in their present.

And to create their future.

So have heart.

I'm loving 2013!! 

Here I am, still in Cairns, QLD, soaking up every muggy mosquito-bitten moment. 

Yesterday I busked at Rusty's Market. This was my second shift in the last week and both times I made some good coin and met some intriguing characters. I traded my CD for fresh mangoes and a medium coconut and treated myself to a massage from the change in my guitar case! Perfect!

Last week, Friday 11th of Jan, I played a show at the Buddha Bar on The Esplanade. I wasn't sure what to expect because I hadn't put much effort into promoting but the turn-out was surprising and, to be honest, a little overwhelming. Word must have travelled through the Facebook grapevine and I found myself reuniting with friends and relatives that I hadn't seen in over a decade. 

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who came out to support me. I loved catching up and I wish there was more time to spend with each of you individually. Thank you to those of you who supported the bar by drinking copious amounts of beer and spirits and turning the event into a real party. Thank you to Gil and Bridget for running the door and taking care of the merch. 

So now I have an open schedule. I plan to spend the next week swimming and chilling with friends and family. I'll head up to Thursday Island next week to visit my gramma and do some fishing before crossing back over the Pacific to my winter wonderland in the Kootenays where everyone can admire my newly-acquired tan!

Tune into 'Driving Home With The Blues' on Cairns FM89.1 at 11am on Tuesday 8th January ... I'll be chatting with Irene Barrett and playing a couple of songs just for fun!

It's summer in North Queensland, Australia and I'm so happy to be here! The past week has been a whirlwind of flights and long car trips but I survived the journey from Canada and I'm ready for a month of heat and sunshine. 

Please check out Sally T's calendar for local show times. I'd love to see you out!

So the wind down of 2012 begins and, good Goddess, I am grateful for the grey days and the opportunity to sleep, eat and play music! 

The past year was chock-a-block with new and wonderful, scary and intense experiences and I am exhausted in every way. After recording The Little Things, I relocated from Calgary to the Appledale, BC in December 2011. I began to meet my community and was blown away by some of the characters! If I may generalize for a moment, the folk in the Kootenays are interesting, ingenious, crazy, colorful, alternative, artistic, musical, garden growin', hard workin', and just down right quirky. Nobody comments on my 'interesting' outfits the way they seemed obligated to do in Calgary. Free boxes, trading and bartering are abundant. I belong here.

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